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To compare the incomparable: the Russian “Maiofis” against Microsoft Office

The announcement of a cloud-based package “Maiofis” developed by company “New cloud”, has become one of the most remarkable events in the Russian it industry in the past year. Columnists CNews decided to compare the new office Suite from the market leader Microsoft Office.

According to analysts in 2014, 74% of the Russian market of office software is Microsoft Office. Following not too far behind OpenOffice with a share of 12%, 6,7% in LibreOffice 3.5 per cent Apple iWork. A similar proportion of different online solutions. The plans of the “New cloud” ambitious – 30% of the market in Russia and 20% in CIS countries in five years, by 2020.


Microsoft Office is well known to most users office software. “Maiofis” in the “New cloud” is described as a platform for collaborative editing and viewing of all major document types and file storage, and postal services and a full range of modern office applications for web, Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Tizen. The package includes all the basic tools for working with office data. The company believes that opportunities “Maiofis” similar to Office 365.

Compare the functionality of the online versions of office suites from Microsoft and the “New cloud” (the offline version is not yet available for the second test). First of all consider the possibility to perform routine office tasks.

To work with documents in Microsoft Office Online (which is available free for home users) and “Maiofis” files first need to upload to the cloud storage. These operations in both solutions are the same and do not cause difficulties. For example, we took the price list in xls format.

Both online office first convert the files to work online, show them in the reading mode and allow you to switch to the edit mode. But if Microsoft Office Online can immediately begin to edit the file “Microsoft” formats, “Maiofis” requires preconverter into an internal format.

At this stage in the “Maiofis” there is a problem with the speed of opening files depending on the browser. In Firefox in the “Maiofis” to open the table for editing failed after 10 minutes of waiting and after three attempts to refresh the page. C the file format of docx has been the same history: it opened in read mode, but hangs when switching to the edit mode. The docx file opens for editing in the browser QupZilla, however, the browser sometimes hangs and required a reboot. In QupZilla after several attempts managed to create a new table, but to open the price list xls format still not happened. It is noteworthy that the domestic office runs without problems in native browser: the documents in the “Maiofis” no problem opened when the browser through the Russian “Sputnik” from “Rostelecom”.

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Microsoft Office Online requires the latest versions of browsers, in particular it does not open the documents on IE 8, but runs without problems on all modern browsers.

“Maiofis” opened the xls file is very long, “lost” picture-company logo and changed the formatting of the document

Both online office solutions are slower than apps that are installed on the PC, and with every additional public document “brake” system. “Maiofis” in some cases is much slower. For example, often when you add a column or navigate away from the editing table one row to another there is a backlog of about 40 sec., so all this time, the document “hangs” and it should not be given.

Functionality from Microsoft Office Online at the moment are much wider than “Maiofis”. The latter has only the most necessary for document editing. For example, in the “Table” only five fonts, and a small panel formatting tables.

Confused by the lack of “Maiofis table” button “Cancel”. Deleting a column in the document, we found that to get him back is impossible, and all “fatal” changes are already saved in the cloud. However, you can revert to a previous saved version, but then have to carry all of the current changes. This is probably a shortcoming of the trial version, and in commercial such a button will appear, otherwise “tabular work” office worker can be compared with walking through a minefield.

In “Maiofis” version of the document stored in the source folder of the file Manager. Microsoft Office Online versions of the documents can be found in the folder of OneDrive cloud storage with the help of a special option

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Functions (formulas), reviewing and templates in “Maiofis table”.. It is also reported that inserting charts will be available in the next release.

The text editor in “Maiofis” while functionally poorer, no has tools such as creating tables, markup, there isn’t much choice of fonts and other tools, familiar Microsoft applications. At the same time, “Maiofis” has all the necessary tools for simple text editing: spell checking, highlighting, Superscript and subscript characters, etc.

Office solutions of both companies support the General access to documents for collaborative editing or reading. To do this, simply enter the name of the contact (email) and choose the access rights (edit or read only). The system then automatically generates a link to the document and sends it to the selected address. The interface and the possibilities of solutions “Maiofis” Microsoft Office Online and in this respect the same.

Text editors

Email clients both services have a simple intuitive interface, the spam filter, send copies and attachments. Sent and received emails stored in the mailbox, the attachments can be downloaded to your computer. While Microsoft allows you to immediately save any attachments in total OneDrive cloud storage to 1TB and from there you can open them online-Microsoft Office Online.

Email “Maiofis” offers storage of 5 GB and stores attachments directly in mail, saving to disk when you open. Thus, to open, for example, a doc file, you first need to save it to your computer and then upload to the cloud for editing. It is not very convenient and requires intermediates in the form of a hard disk.

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E-mail clients
The cost

“New cloud technology” has announced plans to sell solutions “Maiofis” 30-40% cheaper than the market leader. However, the cost of new items not compared with approximately similar in functionality of cloud-based Office 365, and with a permanent Office license “Standard” for enterprise users (a single price which, by the way, no, because in each case it is determined by the partners).

The Director of marketing communications “New cloud” Liliana Pertenava believes that to compare the functionality of “Maioris” and Office 365 is incorrect. Microsoft disagrees. “Office 365 can be installed not only in the cloud Microsoft Azure and private cloud customer or partner”, – said the press service.

Click to enlarge

For this comparison the price difference is not in favor of domestic product. The following table shows that to choose a subscription option in the case of the development of the “New cloud” much easier than for Office 365. At the same time, the subscription service Microsoft plans, though more difficult, but more varied and richer in functionality and include applications.


Summarizing, we can say that Microsoft Office Online is comfortable, functional, supports multiple browsers and faster. But we should remember that we are comparing a finished product from Microsoft with a trial version of “Maiofis”.

Of course, the “Maiofis” event of the year in the Russian it industry. To the market for the massive domestic product. While it is difficult to compare with other products. In order to compete with the leaders, “Maiofis” have yet to substantially finalize the functionality.

“We will closely follow the development of this product, not only on the Russian market, but also globally, because global success is the true criterion. All the prerequisites for this is, the same Bitrix24, for example, not only successfully replacing imported analogues in Russia, but also enters foreign markets, including such complex as the Chinese,” – says Gleb Arkhangelsky, General Director of the company “Organization of time”.

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