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To communicate with Siri on the people will become easier

New Apple patent will make Siri use on humans more comfortable, according to Gizmodo.

Apple added capabilities of the voice assistant with new features. Now shy users will find it easier to talk to Siri in public places. With the help of new algorithms for voice assistant will learn not only to recognize the whisperings, but also be able to answer in a quiet voice. Because of this, the use of Siri on the people will not be as noticeable and less embarrassing.

Patent documents includes about 50 pages describing different situations and algorithms of the voice assistant. The exact time of the release of updates for Siri is still unknown. Experts from the Institute of language technologies at Carnegie Mellon believe that the recognition of a whisper can appear at any time:

“It’s a pretty simple technology. Speech processing is constructed as a textbook. However, the transition from loud speech to a whisper can cause some difficulties. However, it is a very wise decision. It is amazing that nobody came up with this before.”

The ability to handle the whisper is unlikely to increase the intensity of use of Siri, but once such a function cannot be called. Over the past few years, the work of the voice assistant Apple has significantly improved. Perhaps the definition of colors is a logical continuation of the development.

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