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To buy at auction, selling for a hundred: how to make money on the cult of Apple

After Apple unveiled on Wednesday its new products – the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and the new Apple TV, the company’s shares initially fell by 1.9%, and then increased by 2.42%. All these are temporary fluctuations, says the Bbc, so some financial sense is in possession of outdated samples of Apple products.

Jake harms from the town of Hildreth in Nebraska literally understands the slogan “Think differently” (Think Different), once used by Apple. The slogan emblazoned on a wall in the Studio’, where he examines the failed Macintosh computers, and their cabinets transforms in aquariums, clocks and lamps. His iMac Aquarium sold at a price of $299.

“I unhesitatingly send, say, an old beige desktop computer company Dell in the processing, but spent my iMac G3 and G4, and indeed any Apple products are worth it to remake them into something useful,” says 31-year-old photographer and videographer.

And harms are not alone in their love for streamlined hulls iMac, made in a futuristic colors: orders for its unusual products come from USA, UK, Australia and Japan.

“I’ve been in this business for eight years, and still nobody asked me to make an aquarium out of the housing an old Dell or any other computer company, he says. I’m not touching picture disassembly of such ugly models for parts, but Apple products – is another matter. The design of these devices are so successful that they are not ashamed to hang on the wall in the form of hours or put in the corner of the sea”.

The treasure in the mountain of garbage

While harms toured the recycling of electronic devices, buying the old “Macs” for the price of scrap (about $5 apiece), a growing number of gaming antiquity, hunting for vintage patterns Apple computers and are willing to pay for them the amount with five zeros.

Due to the success of Apple and the company’s contribution to the development of computer technology, its very first model of the personal computer – the Apple-1 is still a very prestigious and expensive acquisition.

Interestingly, despite the high interest in Apple’s history since its founding in 1976 (a documentary about the legendary co-founder Steve Jobs, “a Man in a car” (Steve Jobs: The Man in The Machine), was released on American screens in early September), not everyone knows how valuable are now the very first released its products.

Old computer, put in the scrap in the Californian town of Milpitas in April of this year, was one of 200 copies of the first generation model Apple-1, manually collected another co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. It was discovered quite by accident, when an employee of the recycling company Clean Bay Area began to go through the box with the electronic waste left in the week before a woman around the age of 60 years.

In the end, rarity was sold to a private collector for $ 200,000, and Bay Area Clean put out a call in Facebook, trying to find the owner of the computer and give her 50% share of revenue.

Reckless decision of the owner to get rid of computer “junk” by traditional cost her a lot of money, but this error is understandable: the technology nowadays becomes obsolete rapidly. So before you throw your old Apple product, look, if you do not manage to earn extra money.

Rare instances

First rare Apple computer was sold in November 2010 – it happened at the famous London auction Christie’s site.

According to James Hislop, scientific specialist at Christie’s, released in 1976 Apple-1, complete with the original manual and a check, signed by jobs, went for 207 719 USD although he was not in working condition.

A working Apple-1, also 1976 release, sold for 750 387 USD. within the Internet-auction “First bytes: Iconic technology of the twentieth century” organized by auction house Christie’s in June and July 2013

The demand for the Apple-1 is due to the rarity of the model, explains Hislop. “Besides, this machine is a kind of birth certificate is one of the most influential companies today,” he says.

The most desirable models

The Apple-1 is the most popular among collectors, but the first copies of models such as the Apple 2 and the Lisa (named after the daughter of Steve jobs), is also valued pretty high, says Hislop.

Apple-2 began producing in 1977 and Lisa-1 – predecessor of the Macintosh line – appeared in 1983, the Cost of a computer is increased, when talking about a working copy in perfect condition. And in the case of the prototype or with the car, previously owned by famous personalities in the history of development of computer technology, the price skyrockets.

“At the auction “First bytes” in 2013, one of the lots was exhibited Macintosh SE is not the most rare model of Apple, but this particular instance was very unusual transparent body,” one of Hislop.

Computer 1987 edition went for $ 6250. At the same auction a prototype of one of the early models of laptop from Apple with a sticker “Property of Apple Computer”), dated August 3, 1990, sold for $ 2,500.

Lisa-1, which at the time was on sale for $ 9995., now you can buy in working order at least $ 25,000, says Adam Rosen, a consultant in the field of information technology and the curator of the Museum of technology Macintosh (The Vintage Mac Museum).

Over the past 10 years Rosen, who is now 49 years old, acquired over hundreds of the Macintosh, released before the production of Intel processors. It restores purchased rarities at his home in Malden, Massachusetts.

According to Rosen, demand is also the anniversary version of the Macintosh, released in 1997 in honor of the 20th anniversary of Apple and originally sold for $ 7,000. Subsequently, the model marked down to $ 1500, and in 1998 its production ceased.

Because from a commercial point of view, this model has failed, it is difficult to find, which means that it is a collector’s rarity. Today is the anniversary Macintosh in good condition and in the original packaging from 1000 to 1500 dollars.

Some collection models Apple can be purchased even cheaper than their original retail price. It all depends on how important the role of (modern view) they played in the history of development of computer technology, explains Rosen. It is not excluded that in the future their value in monetary terms will grow.

“It’s hard to say exactly when this will happen, but I can assume that in 10 years the cost of these models will increase significantly, especially in the case of instances,” he says.

This applies to computers and Lisa-2, which in 1984-86 he has sold more than copies of the model Lisa-1. Prices then ranged from 3495 to $ 5495. Today Lisa-2 in working condition can be purchased for around $ 2,500.

How much is your Mac?

The approximate prices of rare models of the Macintosh can be found in the review of Rosen How Much is My Old Mac Worth? on the website The Vintage Mac Museum, or in an online article Jason Ponica Your Vintage Apple Computer Market Guide. With some exceptions, most of the early Mac models you can buy for about $ 50, a particularly rare cost hundreds of dollars, says Rosen.

“If you save the original packaging, the cost of the machine could be doubled, he says. – But in the case of upgrades and other modifications of the value of the computer for collectors is reduced”.

It is also worth to look at the sites online auctions eBay and Craigslist, he says, but warns: “Sometimes on eBay wring their unreasonably high price. After the death of Steve jobs pictures on this site have tripled. Sometimes it makes sense to focus not on the starting price, but how many similar copies were sold in the past.”

iPod, iPhone and iPad

“I’m constantly asked whether the first model of iPhone downloads Apple-1, says Hislop. – I am more than sure that there are people actively buying copies of this first model in the expectation that over time its value will increase significantly, but it should be borne in mind that the first iPhone was released many millions of copies. It is unlikely that a common thing ever gonna be expensive”.

Hislop continues: “on the other hand, it is difficult to predict how much of great value to future collectors can represent this unit from the point of view of its role in the development of technology. It is not excluded that after 20-40 years, the release of the first iPhone would be considered a milestone in the modern history of mankind. iPhone and iPad is too recent an invention to make long-term forecasts”.

Rosen generally agree, but with one caveat: “the First version of any device always has a special value. The first copies of the iPhone can now be purchased for less than $ 100, if you search, but in 10 years they will be worth more”.

Rosen adds: “If you manage to find a classic iPod with a wheel, Click Wheel navigation, in working condition, saleable condition and with original box, hold on to it 25 years – by that time its value will increase significantly”.

Invested about $ 20,000 in the private collection of computer Antiques enthusiast says: “Immediate returns from such investments should not wait, if only we are not talking about the Apple-1. Personally, I’m not looking for quick income. Someday, perhaps I will sell my collection to secure a comfortable old age, but now I just get the fun of collecting – and from what you can use working copies”.

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