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To become friends with iOS 10: video literacy from Soft Club

If until now you thought that no one who enters into a stupor iOS interface or who still don’t know how to use the built-in photo editor and save to iCloud – just look at friends, family or clients. After a simple exploration among the latter, Soft Club decided to release a product that will once and forever solve the problem of women, children, seniors, and those business people who simply have no time to look for, how to optimize iPhone. Yes, the day has come – introducing many-hour course, which you should definitely recommend to friends Apple-newcomers or to present as a gift to the mother-in-law together with your old iPhone or iPad.

What’s inside?

part of the Express course for beginners

47 lessons of human language and the ability to view videos in any order and from any device. It seems that all that now separates the novice from the advanced user iOS is the “Play” button. The author of the course, Stanislav, founder and Manager at Soft Club, part – time videoblogger (over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube), argues that the lessons will be clear to everyone aged 7 to 107 years, and the advantages of a lessons – intriguing the secrets of using the iPhone for business people, parents, students, Housewives and pensioners, who will make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Of course, the course is rigidly structured and divided into the following thematic blocks:

  • Learning the logic interface.
  • The applications (from domestic programs to business tools).
  • Data storage and iCloud.
  • Improved security (data protection, access device, remote monitoring).
  • Full review of the functions of communication (calls, texts, and online messengers).
  • Information transfer (import and export, clearing cache, saving and organizing).
  • Work with photo and video (how to shoot and process).
  • Setting user modes.
  • General settings of the phone.

Full list of lessons can be assessed at the developer’s site, which, however, leaves the participants free to contact with your question, no matter what aspect of using your phone, tablet or music player he touched.

Among other nice features lessons short and mandatory demonstration of the screen in the video. Follow the instructions in the video tutorial, you will be able to master certain features of the operating system without fear that the data will permanently disappear after clicking at random. The main thing – attention and desire to learn.

By the way, the average comprehension of the basics of iOS user takes students from 2 to 3 days of lazy viewing of the material. Agree, great result, if you want to save some time for individual “point” search the Internet for tips on how to perform this or that operation.

4 argument to recommend a course of mom or friend-rookie

$ 10 for 50 classes is a lot or a little?

Against the background of cost iPhone (the iPhone 7 Plus estimate today on average, a thousand dollars), $ 10 is nothing. Especially if a one-time amount spent gives you the opportunity to avoid the painful path of trial and error in the early days of working with the device. Moreover buying and passing the course is a good idea of how to pass the time, if you ordered the device online and are now waiting for the parcel. In confirmation of this result is a summary of the reviews of the first disciples, who have already managed to form an opinion about the course:

“It’s just”
Available language of the blogger and his experience with iOS has done his work – rate came easy, memorable, provocative questions, even for those who holds an iPhone for the first time.

“It’s convenient”
You can view the lessons in any order on any device with a video player, to return to any unit, and even specific time in a video.

“This is true”
If Apple refines the interface at the speed of sound, then Soft Club updates the lessons at the speed of light. They are guaranteed to correspond to reality in 2017-th year, demonstrated the interface as two drops of water similar to what you see on your screen. A nice bonus – a look at operating system through the eyes of domestic users. It is no secret that American logic and our compatriot different.

According to the feedbacks of the test group, Soft Club, 92% of them have mastered the device from the first attempt (without re-views), and 31% said it improved their life. 73% of respondents claim that their knowledge is now deeper than the loyal Apple users among their friends, and they have something to brag to friends.

Okay, but how do I become a student?

Signing up for a course yet are not restricted: you can watch the entire library of lessons from the website – just go through a quick registration (it is enough to have access to any social network), to pay for the course and click the “Play” button. After that you can start training when you are ready, or give access, buying a promo code with a new smartphone to your loved one. And Yes, the company will thank you for the detailed comment.

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