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Titanium case for the iPhone is more expensive than the iPhone

Singapore luxury brand has presented a case for the iPhone, the price of which exceeds the price of the iPhone .

The cost of iPhone is quite high, but some users of Apple’s smartphones, for which she is willing to buy accessories for their gadgets in excess of yourself the iPhone on price.

Singapore luxury brand Gray International has released a collection of titanium cases for iPhone. The world’s only iPhone case, the cost of which significantly exceeds the price of the phone itself. For example, announced at the presentation device price iPhone X – 1149 dollars, while the cost of titanium cover Gray International – 1345 dollars.

The brand claims that the case is made from a single piece of titanium, which is manually shaped to the required model iPhone, polished to a Shine and assigned a unique number.

Business Insider notes that the high price of titanium case influenced by the exclusivity of the product and not its functionality or necessity.

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