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Titan Quest – the best alternative to Diablo on smartphones

The last fifteen years has been very popular the phrase “Diablo clone” – was the name of the game, much like (then) dilogy Blizzard. Diablo clones every year out of ten. Most of these games would instantly disappear from memory, but the couple still remained in the world history. The first truly successful imitator Diablo – Titan Quest. Long actionrpg, conductive the handle through the scenery of Ancient Greece, Egypt and China, made in close cooperation with the authors of famous strategies of Age of Empires and Age of Mythology – and that immediately catches the eye. Then, ten years ago, Titan Quest caused a sensation, nothing that sent the train Studio developer to the station bankruptcy. Now the game has a second chance to shuffle a genre landscape – Titan Quest was released on iOS, and looks there like a glove.

In the first place – the game is ported. Not the most obvious control (need to click) adapted for mobile with utmost diligence. On the left, the slider movement to the right is the icon of the attack, right in the middle – the icons of potions. On the screen you can not thrash – just clamp the finger in the area of “attack”, and watch as the hero himself waving a cudgel. Kill one enemy, he will move on to the next. Given that after a particularly hot parties in Diablo (and its imitators) the mouse could be thrown out, then the game itself – a useful thing. Not a sore thumb, and the screen not to push. And when the battle’s over, take a look around is full of swords, armor, shields, and Bracers. To collect loot, you can press the same button actions as you can – selectively, manually tapping on any things.

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In 2006, Titan Quest looked beautiful, but also skillfully sent the average computers in a knockout; a more demanding game at the time was, perhaps, only Oblivion. After transferring the game still looks great – Oh, what water and physics! – but the requirements are still not children’s: the first iPad Air sometimes retarding. The rest – a great port of the game a decade ago, and if the doubts were just that, throw – play on the iPad even more convenient than once on a PC.

If you missed the game, listen up. Titan Quest is a Diablo mechanics successfully moved at the beauty of ancient Greece (and surrounding areas), places where physics is still better than Diablo 3. In the start menu you forge character, assign him a field of activity, and then let the endless fields, desecrated satyrs, spiders, centaurs and other vermin. For the first hour bored inhabitants of policies and villages will fill you with tasks and assignments: there to kill the evil shaman, here to find old Spartan here to find out why the water in the river is poisoned. Quests do not imply any literary component; the final round is always the same – you come and kill.
More precisely, cut. The action in Titan Quest is so tight, how can be in perfect imitator Diablo: Horny take in the dense ring, but immediately gets on the cap: next! Opening the third in Titan Quest does not require any effort, and you can play with two fingers – one to hold the attack, and the second to drink health potions. Collecting precipitated with vrazhin clothes.

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Loot is a major component of these games – Titan Quest pours in some Rabelaisian scale. Hats, hoops, boots, staves, axes, swords and antique version of the boots. Every object its essential characteristics and additional; magically charmed things more powerful and more expensive. For example, if you hooked iron shield with high levels of protection – it does not mean that it will be better birch Board on which someone left a spell. Therefore, to complete the ward can be infinite, each time radically changing the uniforms.

This is what makes you go further. “Diablo effect”, that it’s time to bring in special books on psychology, in Titan Quest works perfectly – I want more weapons, more armor, more achievements and higher level. Since all these nice things at arm’s length, and to them easy to to break away physically difficult. Even though Titan Quest lasts many hours, and during this time the order will have time to shake his nerves.

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