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Titan Lightning Cable: a cable that will outlast your iPhone [video]

Many people familiar with the problem of rapid wear Lightning-cables included with the iPhone and iPad. Cords Apple have never been particularly robust and therefore regularly become victims of local disasters. In the company of Fuse Chicken has proposed a solution to the problem.

The manufacturer calls Titan Lightning Cable “brand narushima cord” for iPhone and iPad. Cable with Lightning connector made of steel and resembles a shower hose. Heavy-duty accessory will never twist, will not fray and not get confused. As says the manufacturer, to damage it, and therefore gives a lifetime warranty on it.

Titan Lightning Cable turned out to be incredibly tenacious, because he is not afraid of no twisting, no crashes, no hitting the car or other household and not the cases of displaying standard cable charging Apple products down. Demo video hardly has much in common with what you face every day, but it is nice to know that Titan Lightning Cable, you can safely hang over the precipice or to protect them from the chainsaw.

Connectors Titan Lightning Cable wrapped in a durable plastic shell, and the cord itself is braided with a special material that allows you to avoid tangling. Connectors, it is claimed, is entirely protected from corrosion. Heat-shrink tubing on the connectors on both sides ensures reliable operation for many years.

The first batch of Titan Lightning Cable will go on sale on September 17 for $35.

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