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Tinkov believes Apple immoral company “production builds $10, sold for $1000”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and principal shareholder of TCS Bank Oleg Tinkov in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak for the magazine “Snob” called Apple “immoral.” According to him, the U.S. Corporation receives profits, hoisted people to the brand. He himself, however, doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

“In the production of bread, the profits of 300% at least. I believe that it is immoral. Apple is wildly immoral business because people hoisted to the brand, the production builds 10 USD shipping to Russia, sold for $ 1,000,” said Tinkov.

At the same time, the businessman believes it’s quite normal. “I believe that if business is allowed, people pay taxes, create jobs, then that’s fine. Sociality and business is actually two different things, they have nothing to do”, he added.

In an interview with Tinkov said that he shared the concept of “entrepreneur” and “businessman”, noting that entrepreneurs did not consider some of the defendants in the list of the richest Russians, according to Forbes.

In his opinion, in Russia there is no successful startups due to the fact that there is no stock market and ecosystem for listing on the stock exchange. The success of Russian startups he believes in.

“I don’t believe that some of these startups will survive, it’s a complete illusion. In Russia all startups must be profitable or calculated exactly on the money that they have. The money you need to reach the level of business that you have started a net profit. And if not, then simply don’t survive”.

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The Tinkoff related to “entrepreneurs”, stressing that he had not had “any contact with the authorities”. According to the banker, only Russia has 20-30 “great entrepreneurs”, “who generally does the state not connected”. As examples he named the founder of a network “the Magnet” Sergey Galitsky 15, cofounder of “Kaspersky Lab” and the CEO of InfoWatch group Natalya Kaspersky, the founder of the Fund group DST Global Yuri Milner, founder of Pyaterochka Andrei Rogachev, founder of “Dixie” Oleg Leonov.

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