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Time is money: how to charge your iPhone twice as fast

The more features a smartphone and tablet we use, the faster the battery sits. But remember we are about the depletion of charge as always at the last minute. Single recipe that would fully charge “dead” Communicator for a few minutes, of course not. However, there are a few useful recommendations to help speed up the process. below

Below are six simple tips that will allow you to charge your smartphone faster — not just the iPhone 6s, but the model of previous generations, as well as many Android devices (if they have appropriate settings).

1. Turn On Airplane Mode

When you enable airplane mode” disables the smartphone’s mobile connection, Wi-Fi, GPS, deprives any program activity that need a connection. In other words, saves energy, and therefore charges more quickly. Note that in this mode, you can’t even receive calls and short messages, not to mention WhatsApp and other social media.

2. Use the charger for iPad

A standard iPhone charger provides charging with current of 1 amp, and the adapter supports iPad 2.1 ampere. That’s why you can charge your iPhone to 100% using powerful charger in less than an hour. But you should know that this life hack works only with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Charge more early models with an adapter from the iPad, of course, possible, but to accelerate the process will fail.

3. Flip the phone screen-down

If you turn the screen down iPhone running iOS 9, the smartphone stops displaying all sorts of alerts and to turn on the screen at the same time, thereby saving energy. If they are more economical energy, and charge faster, right? True!

4. Use the app, accelerating the replenishment of the battery

Asus has developed a free app-tweak Ai Charger that helps to charge mobile devices faster. The program allows you to give via a standard USB port for about 1000 mA, thus almost twice as speeding up the charging devices. Depending on different types of gadgets used, the current strength may grow even more. And although manufacturers do not disclose the technological aspects of utilities, many people are saying about its effectiveness. Ai Charger is not only compatible with Asus cards, but with computers of other manufacturers.

5. Use power saving Mode

On the iPhone there is a mode when the battery is almost discharged, it is called power saving Mode and is located under the Battery settings of the OS. Its inclusion saves energy and the charging process is faster.

6. Observe the temperature regime

High and low temperatures are harmful for batteries. Don’t keep charging the phone in the sun, heater or open window in winter. The best temperature for this process ranges around +22 °C.

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