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Time is money: 5 tips to charge iPhone faster

There are many tips on how to make a mobile device work longer, but not so many tips on how to charge the battery faster. The following five tips will come in handy in situations where you connect to an outlet in a cafe or at the airport when away from home will remain 30 minutes, and the iPhone will be almost empty. So, is it faster to charge the phone and any other mobile gadget.

1. To Enter Airplane Mode

When you enable Airplane mode, the smartphone turns off mobile, Wi-Fi, GPS, deprives any program activity that need a connection. In other words, saves energy, and therefore charges more quickly. Just keep in mind that in this mode, you won’t even be able to receive calls and short messages, not to mention WhatsApp.

2. Use a charging for iPad

Supplied with the iPhone are coming “home” for smartphone charging with a current of 1-1.5 amps, while the iPad is charging from the more powerful 2.1 A. Why not use the iPad charger to charge iPhone? All you need is a cable with the correct connector. If you are afraid, so you cannot, rest assured, in the official list of matching devices have all models of the iPhone.

In some cases adapter iPhone charge faster than the cable connected to the computer via USB. If charging the phone via USB from PC is your only option, then stop the synchronization process, which may begin immediately upon connection. This is a very energy intensive process for both the iPhone and the battery will charge slowly.

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3. To turn the smartphone screen down

If you turn the iPhone screen down, they stop showing alerts and turn on the screen, saving power. If they save energy, and charge faster, right? True!

4. Use power saving Mode

The iPhone has a function for operation at low battery, it is called “power saving Mode”, found under the Battery. Its inclusion saves energy and the charging process is faster.

5. Not to overheat and not to overcool your pet

Battery longer charged and are discharged faster when overheating and overcooling. Do not place the phone in the sun when charging, and don’t forget in the cold. The ideal temperature for charging the manufacturers claim of 22°C. This is normal room temperature in our area.

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