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Time Doctor – the program of the account of working hours is even better

We already told you about the Time Doctor is a special app that allows you to track how efficiently your employees are working (and you too). The program has since managed to win over many employers, it is no wonder easy to use for their breakthrough functionality, the Russian localization. But time does not stand still – the app is successfully developing, garland acquires new functions and becomes even more useful. Today we will tell you what happened to Time Doctor since our last “visit”.

But first, a quick refresher – why do we this Time Doctor need. Everyone knows that people from the standard eight-hour working day, well, at best, four hours. And if the standard scheme of employment with it, in fact, nothing to do with remote state it was possible to work in a completely different method. Your co-worker, sitting at work, presses the button, signaling that he started. If within three minutes of the program will not notice the signs of activity, she asks if all is well, you work there or what?

If the employee will need to go somewhere, he presses pause and the Time Doctor will fix it – yeah, still busy with something else. As a result, already after a couple of weeks, the employer will have a pile of interesting stats from which he can derive a lot of useful: who is really busy and who is serving a number who work intensively, but little is doing, and who skips half a day, and then rush to finish a project. In General – a curious thing, this Time Doctor, one of the rare programs of the account of working hours. Which recently got a new feature – GPS-tracking.

In fact, why this is necessary. Let’s say you have a delivery service – for example, select something nice, say, pizza. And here you are leading a dozen couriers, who are far from you and do God knows what may be, in good faith, deliver goods, and maybe fool around. And you have then on the website reviews hang angry tirades about a three-hour delivery… unpleasant situation. To have an understanding of what we’re doing staff, you will need a GPS-monitoring employee – at any time to ascertain whether the courier was parked near the house of his girlfriend.

Of course, with a list of new functions is much wider – we took the most simple and obvious example. Courier services, logistics services, service delivery, outreach freelancers, managers and clients of Asa support that is a lot state that the classical method is to look to the office – will not be able to control. A lot of options. The program shows what is called “the second” – on your smartphone will Shine exactly where it sits in the car (or anywhere else) your employee.

Speaking of smartphones. Initially Time Doctor desktop application, but we all understand that time does not stand still – so the program can be presented with a phone and a tablet. So comfortable: neat interface, bright design, always with you. You can monitor the performance of staff all the time – is it the key to a successful business?

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