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Time Doctor is a great program for time tracking

The modern world is so constituted that we all aim for maximum efficiency – more work, more money, more meaningful action, and more estimates of these actions. This is normal and as it should be – but it is not always possible to adequately perform the statistical heap data. It is no secret that the standard 8-hour day people work at best three or four hours. How to calculate the efficiency of employees who work remotely, via the Internet? That’s it. For such purposes, and invented a variety of services, one of the options – Time Doctor.

The program is generally known – American employers use it for a long time, the Russian, after Time Doctor localized. But now we have infopovod to write about the service read more: recently, the program has learned to deploy on local servers. Anyway – more and more domestic employers prefer Time Doctor, so it’s time to tell you about the service you.

The main activity Time Doctor is the monitoring of employees working either remotely, or close to, but still through the Internet. You can certainly track the activities of a normal state, but the best service suitable for time online workers: web developers, marketers, SMM-managers, journalists and so on.

It works as follows: you open a task, click the “start” button, then go counting program will count the time how many employees required for a particular project. If the employee left on a break or a smoke – gmcnet button to let the program know until, no breaks.

In addition to this great function, Time Doctor able one, also good to monitor including you. When run the program management staff service will start an interesting statistic: how long have you been in social networks, forums and video – sharing sites then you can look at the numbers, and terrified of what kind of hours you are simply lowered into the basket. So before to restore order in the state, do it yourself – personal effectiveness and personal example has not been canceled.

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Other details: Time Doctor may send employees (and you too) persistent notifications – say, three minutes nothing happens, you work there anyway? The slave pushes the button, if the computer or, otherwise, the service will send the employee on a “break” – in this case subtract from the work time few minutes. But if you are very fixated on efficiency and tracking of staff time, you can even see screenshots of screen – Time Doctor will be sent with a different frequency. Continually, of course, will not monitor employees, but to occasionally glance possible – after all, who ultimately pays?

By the way, about the payments. Time tracker exists in two versions: paid and free. Second, of course, stripped-down – no analytical reports and the multiplayer part; more suitable for self-monitoring. A paid option is divided into several separate groups, and the price varies greatly with the amount of people that will be sucked right into it – the more you have the company, the more you will have to pay.

But is it worth it? If you want to maximize the exhaust from your state, then Yes – it’s a great program for time tracking, which allows you to track the number and effectiveness of remote work. If you are satisfied and not want more – in that case you can do without Time Doctor, but are you sure that your people are working 100%?

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