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Tim cook will take part in the conference, Sun Valley

Apple CEO Tim cook will participate in the Sun Valley conference. The event, organized annually by the Bank Allen & Co. in new York, includes performances of more than three hundred leaders of the IT industry. For four days, the participants talk about technology, politics and business.

The conference will be held in early July. Media Corporation concluded there is an important transaction and partnership for its future activities. Among the participants of the event, as reported by The Verge, will be CEO of Apple. As expected, Sun Valley, Tim cook will be engaged in search of partners for a new music service Apple Music and bringing to market a set-top box Apple TV fourth generation.

Cook has already participated in the conference last year along with other key figures from the world of technology, such as Rupert Murdoch, mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Larry page, Eric Schmidt and Bob iger of Disney. Sun Valley is one of the most important events for big business the USA, where they discuss business issues and make new acquaintances.

Although Tim cook has already stated on part of the Sun Valley conference, the official confirmation from Apple yet been received. On the guest list at the event were also the heads of AOL, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Dell, Microsoft and other American corporations.

For many years Steve jobs was invited to the Sun Valley conference, but the founder of Apple have ignored it, believing uninteresting. The last time jobs was seen at this event in 2005.

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