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Tim cook welcomed the legalization of gay marriage in the US, quoting Steve jobs

Apple CEO Tim cook, who does not hide his sexual orientation, welcomed the law on the legalization of gay marriage in all us States. In his microblog he supported the authors of this initiative, quoting the famous phrase of Steve jobs.

On Friday the U.S. Supreme court announced that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry in any U.S. state. The Supreme court’s decision completes the most significant transformation in the understanding of human rights in the States over the past half century, experts say. They compare him with the decree of 1967, which established the right to interracial marriage.

“Today marks an equality, perseverance and love,” – wrote in his Twitter, the head of Apple.

After that, cook was quoted Steve jobs:

“Madmen, sure, that can change the world, actually change it”.

The decision of the Supreme court quashed the verdict to the Sixth circuit court in Cincinnati and a half ago, according to which the authorities of the States had a legitimate basis to maintain the institution of the traditional family. In other words, the court lifted the ban on same-sex marriage in 14 States, where it was preserved.

As expected, the Supreme court’s decision will cause protests in many regions of the country. For example, in North Carolina, where recently passed a law allowing officials to refuse to conduct the ceremony of marriage, if we are talking about same-sex pairs.

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