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Tim cook: the traveling only with the iPad Pro and iPhone

On the eve of the start of sales of iPad Pro is scheduled for November 11, Apple CEO Tim cook gave an interview to the British The Independent. In conversation with reporters, he admitted that travelling is only iPad Pro and iPhone.

According to the Director, he almost never takes a Mac. The new tablet uses it for reading news and checking the mail. When he needs to reply to the message or to type a letter, it helps cover Smart Keyboard. The Split View feature in iOS 9, according to cook, turned the tablet into a great tool for the job.

“I travel with the iPad Pro and also iPhone I have no other devices,” said cook in an interview. Apple CEO did not mention about the Apple Watch, although judging by the pictures of the meeting with journalists, the watch on the wrist.

Tim cook is not the first time admits that he rarely uses computers. Last year cook said that most of the work he’s doing on his iPad. “Any way, he said, discussing the partnership with IBM. – Imagine that enterprise applications will become as easy as consumer, which we all enjoyed. It should be”. The CEO noted that approximately 80% of the time it works with the iPad, and the rest of the time on the computer.

On a trip to the UK cook visited the Studio of Touchpress. This team of developers has created an application The Elements for the iPad Pro, which “opens up new ways of interacting with Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard”.

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Users from Russia can order an iPad Pro on the Apple website starting Wednesday November 11. The price of the novelty starts from 64 990 rubles for a model with 32 GB of memory and Wi-Fi enabled and 86 990 rubles for a model with 128 GB, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. For Pencil stylus, Apple would have to pay extra 7790 roubles keyboard Smart Keyboard in Russia while book will be impossible.

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