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Tim cook students: “do Not work for money, you’ll never be happy”

This week Apple CEO Tim cook spoke to students at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He spoke about his work at Apple, and the balance between interesting and highly paid job.

In his speech, cook had raised questions about values in the life of every human being and emphasized the importance of intuition to guide the choice of life. He warned those who when choosing a future profession puts the money in the first place.

“My advice for each of you: do not work for money – you quickly or stomitis, or you will never be enough and you’ll never be happy. Or one or the other,” cook said after receiving the degree for his contribution to the development of society.

“You have to find something that will inspire you the most and at the same time something that will benefit others. I am sure that if you will not find such a thing, you won’t be happy all his life”, – said the head of Apple.

“There is a big difference between loving to work and to love work. And there is a big difference between the fans you a job just because it earns you money or something that brings benefit to others. I am convinced,” said cook.

Himself Tim cook, seems to have found “their thing”. He likes to work and he does good: for 2016 Apple CEO earned $8,75 million (about 500 million roubles).

According to the survey, only 12% of Russians are ready to quit, if they will not like their work. Most are willing to suffer for the sake of a stable salary, and to enjoy the after hours.

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