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Tim cook: Steve jobs would love Apple Pencil

After leaving as head of Apple Steve jobs in 2011, Tim cook officially became CEO. As observers, on the post of CEO cook makes the company more open and tries to get closer to rank and file employees. Tim cook says he respects the legacy of Steve jobs and honor his memory, however, in decision-making is guided solely by their knowledge and experience. Along with the iPad Pro, Tim cook, introduced their own stylus of a company called Apple Pencil. This event indicates a serious conceptual shift in development policies of Apple products.

Founder Apple Steve jobs disdain for the idea of using a stylus, and one of his most famous phrases was about how much he hates these accessories.

Jobs was very surprised to learn that the iPad Pro showed it to none other than personally by the head of the office division of Microsoft, kirk Koenigsbauer. Even more he was surprised to learn that on the same stage the app TypeKit introduced Eric Snowden, head of mobile development Adobe which Apple has spoiled a lot of blood, blocking access to Flash on its mobile platform.

Introducing the iPhone at the Macworld event in 2007, jobs made fun of other smartphone companies at that time, equipped with a stylus. “Who needs a stylus? — asked jobs then, during the presentation of the iPhone. — You need to get it out, to remove it, you lose it. Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus”.

The current CEO is confident that Tim cook might appreciate the Apple Pencil. He told about it in the University of Glasgow for the award of honorary degrees.

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“The truth is that Steve jobs really hated the stylus. But if you had to use Apple Pencil, you would understand that this is a far from a stylus thing in the industry. On Monday in Paris I met a famous fashion designer who makes things to order. It creates a design entirely using the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

Historically, designers and many others are sketchbook, because I don’t know when they catch up with inspiration. They want their tool to be always at hand. Apple Pencil you get the best of all worlds. This compares favorably with traditional sketches that you need to repeat again and again to get different options, such as colors and specific line. Apple Pencil you can easily try any number of design options.

Before designers there was a whole box of pencils that they used to work. Now they have one Apple Pencil. So Apple Pencil is a tool for creativity. This is its meaning. It’s not about stylus”.

On the one hand it is hard to imagine such a development under the leadership of Steve jobs, who has repeatedly stressed that the use of the human finger as the main working tool on iPhone and iPad. On the other hand, the words of Steve jobs belonged to the devices that entirely was sharpened to use the digital pen. In the case of Apple Pencil it is a separate accessory for the device, which remains completely independent in terms of user interface.

History does not tolerate subjunctive mood. However, many wonder, would Apple release a tablet with a stylus, be at the helm of the company her founder.

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