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Tim cook spoke about the security of Apple services and criticized the free Google Photos

Apple does not use user information that is stored in the iPhone and iCloud cloud storage, for profit, and does not provide access to special services to their servers. This was stated by CEO Tim cook, speaking at a conference organized by the Information center electronic privacy (EPIC).

“I’m talking to you from Silicon valley, where some of the most famous and successful corporations have created your business using personal information of users. They collect everything they can learn about you and are trying to capitalize on this. We believe that it is wrong. Apple is not a company,” said cook.

The CEO said that Apple is not a user profile based on your email content or user behavior when viewing web pages to sell that information to advertisers. “We don’t “monetize” the data you store on your iPhone or iCloud. And we don’t read the content of your emails or messages, to sell this information,” he added.

Cook believes that its customers should control their privacy. Just because a service is free, does not mean that people have to risk your personal data. Apple CEO rebuked the new Google cloud storage Photo with the unlimited amount of available space.

“You may like the idea of the so-called free services, but we are not convinced that it is not necessary to transfer their emails, search history and even now family photos to the service, which uses them for God knows what advertising purposes,” said cook.

Tim cook added that Apple has never worked with any government Agency in the world for the purpose of obtaining access to the systems, products and services of the Corporation and did not provide access to their servers. Although the American government insists that the company should leave a “loophole” for the police and security services.

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“For years we provide encryption services such as iMessage and FaceTime, because I believe that the content of your communications and video chats are only yours. If you leave the key under the door for the police, the criminals can find it. The fraudsters have all the tools for hacking accounts. If they will know that somewhere there’s a key, they will not stop until you find it”, – said the head of Apple.

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