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Tim cook sold another chunk of Apple stock for $3.5 million

Recently, shares of the California giant has increased to its maximum value in 2015. Apple CEO Tim cook will probably decide to seize the moment to sell 30,000 shares of Apple. Considering the average market value of the shares at $120, he received about $3.5 million (about 210 million).

Last week Tim cook for twice sold 60,000 shares of the company headed by him, so for a few days, the CEO received from the sale of Apple shares around $11 million (660 million). At the moment he owns 949 809 shares of “Apple” giant worth $116 million (7 billion rubles).

In early January it became known that in 2016, Tim cook earned $8.7 million, while a year earlier its earnings were $10.28 million, His salary was reduced due to the deterioration of financial indicators Apple.

As we have mentioned, variants of why cook has suddenly decided to leave in the cache, just a few. The most simple: Apple’s banal is not enough money for current expenses. And the fact that the company cut the head salary due to the mismatch between the financial performance goals, may be the cause. In the end, $1.5 million, i.e. about 15% of salary in 2015, it’s pretty much. And desire to get the missing can be easily explained some current life.

However, managers in high positions usually do not sell a share in the company, which is run by. They only buy. First, because it is a good investment, and secondly, because it is beneficial to the market.

Top managers Apple sell shares of the company. So it was in 2014, 2015 and now 2017. Each time it occurred at the peak of their value, and then began to fall. Perhaps Apple knows something we don’t know?

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