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Tim cook received an honorary award for protecting the rights of sexual minorities

Apple CEO Tim cook received the award of the society for the protection of human rights National Visibility Award for the fight against inequality and discrimination. The CEO made a speech response, which told about the desire to continue to protect the rights of people of nonconventional sexual orientation.

For the award of National Visibility Award cook told why he decided to publicly admit their sexual orientation. According to him, he felt it necessary to other people. It was inspired by a phrase of Martin Luther king: “the Most stubborn and important question of life: “What have you done for others”?”. “In some situations, you must be public”, – he noted.

During his speech at the awards ceremony in Washington, the Director-General said that for him equality and respect for the individual person are important priorities. “People should know that being gay is not a death sentence,” said he.

Present at the party Vice-President USA Joe Biden praised the efforts of the head of Apple. According to him, it is very important that Tim cook openly announced his sexual orientation, as a result, the LGBT community received strong support.

Earlier, the head of Apple came out openly in support of the law banning employment discrimination of gays and lesbians. A few days later the U.S. Senate voted for the bill prohibiting the firing of employees because of their sexual orientation, as well as to deny gays and lesbians in hiring, and he greeted the decision in his Twitter.

Cook confessed to homosexuality last year, although rumors about his sexual orientation went a long time. “So far I have not confessed publicly to their sexual orientation. Now I want to be clear: I’m proud that I’m gay, and I consider it one of the greatest gifts from the Lord,” said cook.

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