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Tim cook promised to “deal” with the app, which collects data on women in Saudi Arabia

Tim cook spoke about Absher app that allows users to follow a woman living in Saudi Arabia. According to the head of Apple, until recently, he did not know about the existence of such programs for iOS.The first attention to Absher, drew the journalists of Business Insider. According to them, the application used to “create online database of women, followed by husbands to prevent their possible escape.” The app was created by developers in collaboration with the government of Saudi Arabia, and its target audience is men. They can not only track the location of their wives, but one touch to prevent them from leaving the country or visits any place.

According to Tim cook, Apple will seriously study Absher. He said this during an interview on one of American radio stations.

“I have not heard about it [the app Absher, approx. ed.]. We will deal with this case, if it really is the place to be” — promised the head of Apple.

Earlier with criticism of the program was made by human rights activists Human Rights Watch. By the time the news app has been downloaded over four million times.

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