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Tim cook presented the application for doctors cost $ 100 per year

Apple CEO introduced the app VisualDx, which is more than 32 thousand medical images. The program is designed for graduates and will help to simplify diagnostics. Reported by Business Insider.

“VisualDx app for innovative diagnostic methods. Together with a Core ML it will help dermatologists to put more accurate diagnoses,” said Tim cook.

In the fall of 2017 for the application VisualDx has released a major update. Now the program is able to analyze images taken by smartphone camera. For accurate diagnosis, the user needs to specify the syndromes associated with rash or other skin damage.

The success of an app could mark a step towards development of automatic diagnostics. Art Papier — CEO of VisualDx and medical education, announced that the company develops in parallel the app Aysa focused on ordinary users.

“We don’t want the patients began to “play doctor”. But, for example, if on Saturday, the parents found the child has the rash, it is important to know: whether to immediately go to the er or can I wait till Monday and come to the appointment with the pediatrician.

However, the app does not put diagnoses. We are not going to give users the advice to postpone the visit to the doctor,” said Papier.

Tim cook noted VisualDx is not casual. The program uses the development of Apple CoreML, allowing to run machine learning algorithms on the smartphone and to upload photos to a third-party server for processing.

“Our customers — hospitals. It is important that medical data about patients were reported to third parties. Using CoreML, VisualDx analyzes the image directly on the phone. The data never reaches the cloud and even we — the developers will not see them,” said Papier.

The application database was compiled from old recordings and slides from the collections of leading doctors and hospitals.

A subscription app available health establishments and their employees. The price starts from $ 99 per year. Subscription with access to additional background information is 499 dollars per year.

How does the app VisualDx

The doctor makes the damaged section, said related syndromes, and runs the analysis on your iPhone or iPad. The application makes several assumptions, what may indicate one or another rash.

The doctor can clarify important circumstances.

While VisualDx is designed only for doctors.

Apple has a longstanding interest in medical subjects and to develop tools for monitoring and analyzing the state of the user. The development of applications similar to VisualDx, will help the Corporation to gain a foothold in the medical market.

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