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Tim cook is among the five most influential people in the IT industry

Time magazine released its annual list of most influential people in the world. The most interesting is the part dedicated to people relevant to IT technologies. However, the journalists themselves say is the most dynamic and exciting part of the rating.

In the list of the Time of 2017 was included Apple CEO Tim cook and COO Jeff Williams. They are the most influential people in the field of IT together with the head of Tesla Elon Musk, the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Snap by Evan Spiegel and other well-known personalities.

In the ranking of Time Tim cook took 4th place and Jeff Williams – 17-E. Of all who entered the list on the site says a few words. As a rule, the author of this review is also not an ordinary journalist, among them prominent political figures, major writers, billionaires.

“As the head of Apple, one of the most expensive companies in the world, Tim cook has an unprecedented impact on the world of technology. All that it will release Apple will subsequently copied countless number of competitors, that is, from its choice depends very much. Today, according to rumors, Apple is experimenting in various fields, ranging from artificial intelligence to virtual reality and self-driving cars. Given the role of Apple in the modern world, from the decision of Tim cook depends on how we will look consumer technology in the future.”

For the first time Tim cook has got a rating of 100 most influential people of the year in 2012. In the accompanying article his opinion about Cook stated the former Vice-President and current Board member of Apple, al Gore. He described the Director as a brilliant policy innovator and leader, and also stated that no man in the world, which led to the Apple better than it does Tim.

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