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Tim cook has threatened to delete the Uber app from the App Store at a private meeting with the head of

Service for taxi service Uber conquering the global market due to competitive prices and convenient mobile application. In addition, the online service allows you to become a taxi driver for virtually any motorist — enough to have the right machine to meet the requirements of the company. One of the main claims against Uber was the fact that the creators of the service have the ability to track the location of their customers after the trip. This feature almost became a reason for removing the app from the App Store.

The rules of the App store are forbidden tracking user location without his consent. However, reporters found that The New York Times, the developers of Uber for iOS has found a way to trick Apple engineers. They added a small program code to identify iPhone, a procedure called “fingerprinting” (removal of fingerprints).

“Mr. Kalanick told the developers to outline the area around the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. We are talking about identifying people who pose estimation application. For users located in this region, the “fingerprinting” was not working. Thus, Uber managed to fool the developers in Cupertino”.

Apple left a little time to figure out this Uber. The deception by the popular service has caused outrage among the leadership of Cupertino giant. And Apple CEO Tim cook has decided to personally hold talks with the head of Uber Travis Kalanick, inviting him to campus.

The Head Of Uber, Travis Kalanick

The meeting began with the words: “I hear you are breaking some of our rules.” Cook demanded Uber stop “fingerprinted” user and executed the application in accordance with the privacy policy of Apple. He threatened that otherwise the company will remove the app from the official store. For Uber it would mean the loss of a great part of the audience and a huge loss, so Kalanick had to obey.

That Uber collects location data of its customers had earlier written to the British edition of Daily Mail. Thus, the service could monitor the movements of passengers after completed trip. Uber stated that monitoring is necessary in order to ensure that the customers landing on the right side of the street and the quick delivery of the car.

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