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Tim cook has revealed the secret of creating the “magical” Apple products

Apple CEO Tim cook made a speech at his Alma mater, Auburn University in Alabama. The great attention during a speech he gave on the importance of diversity among employees.

Apple CEO told the students how important it is to understand and appreciate different cultures around the world. “The world doing interesting our differences, not similarities”, he said. The variety and versatility of its staff allow Apple to create outstanding products.

“We believe that to create outstanding product can only a diverse team. And I’m talking about diversity in the broadest sense. One of the reasons for the success of Apple products – I hope you consider them such – is that the people who work on them are not only engineers or specialists in computer science, but also artists and musicians. It is the symbiosis of the Humanities and technology make our products truly magical,” said cook.

According to the CEO, many Apple specialists at the same time are artists and musicians. Tim cook believes that the intersection of the Humanities with technology allows us to create great products.

The students asked the cook how he manages to manage a team. He said that I need to learn how to properly treat what you do not understand. It is important to realize that the things we do not understand, are not wrong — the person has the right, reason and life experiences to do something or believe in something else, he said.

Tim cook posted a photo from his visit to Auburn University in your Twitter account

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