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Tim cook has invested in developing ultra-low-cost shower heads

Apple CEO Tim cook to invest in the company Nebia, which is developing ultra-low-cost shower heads, reports Rbc. Also cook the idea of the project was supported by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt and programmer and businessman Michael Burch.

In Nebia refused to announce the amount of investment of each party. An Apple representative also declined to comment, noting that we are talking about personal investments Director-General.

Technology ultra-low-cost soul is in a special nozzle, which breaks the stream into tiny droplets and increases the surface area on which the water falls. In Nebia claim that their invention allows to reduce water consumption by 70% and cost about 27 liters, while for an ordinary soul needs 90 L.

From October 2014 Nebia had your shower in the locker room of the fitness clubs Equinox in the campuses of Apple and Google, and Stanford University. Monday, 11 August the company launched a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter It intends to raise $100,000 to prepare for delivery next spring the first batch of shower heads.

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