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Tim cook has expressed a regret in connection with the attack in Manchester

Apple CEO Tim cook expressed deep regret in connection with the blast at the stadium in Manchester on Monday during a concert of singer Ariana Grande. The police confirmed the information about the 22 dead, dozens of people were injured.

The first calls to emergency response from visitors to the concert at the “Manchester arena” was received at 22:35, a little later, eyewitnesses reported in social networks about two “claps similar to explosions” at the stadium. Apple CEO expressed words of support to victims and their families.

“Deeply regrets the tragic event in Manchester. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy,” – Tim cook.

The explosion in Manchester shook the entire world community. People Express condolences to the victims, condemn the attack, a feeling of responsibility and promise to take precautions.

The Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain, amber Rudd said: “My thoughts go to all those who have suffered from this barbaric act. All the details of what exactly happened are still being investigated, but I am proud of the police and operational services that responded to this tragic incident so quickly.”

The Governor of the state of new York in the United States said that he was “heartbroken” due to the “terrible explosion”, and also promised as a precautionary measures to strengthen security and patrolling in his state.

Chinese President XI Jinping expressed his “sincere condolences” to the victims of the attack and their families. He also noted that the Chinese people stand in solidarity with the British in this difficult time.

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Monday at the stadium “Manchester arena” in the UK, which hosted the concert of the singer Ariana Grande explosion. According to police, the explosion carried out a suicide bomber. Killed 22 people, including children. Injuring 59 people. Prime Minister Theresa may has called the incident a “terrible terrorist attack” and said that the authorities are trying to establish the details.

Tragedy in Manchester — the largest terrorist attack in Britain after the tragedy on the London underground in 2005, which killed more than 50 people.

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