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Tim cook greeted the users of Samsung, who decided to switch to iPhone after the incident with the Galaxy Note 7

Now, when Apple published statistics for the third quarter, the results can be considered very successful in terms of revenue and number of smartphones sold. I must say that three months ago Apple was looking for reasons to be optimistic, focusing on the growing popularity of iPhone SE and a record number of “defectors from Android”. However, according to the report, for the period was 45.4 million iPhone sold, which is less than in the same period of the previous year (48,04 million) .

And here is the way there was the fiasco in the category. Because of the fires batteries Samsung stopped production and sales of its flagship phablet Galaxy Note 7. As a result, many users were planning to buy this model, are forced to look for alternative solutions. And some of them opted on the iPhone.

In an interview on SNBC Apple CEO Tim cook said that now it is difficult to assess the predicament, which got a Galaxy Note 7 (and its owners), but Apple welcomes all those who decided to go iPhone.

Recently submitted iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus review cook could not qualify for the title “best smartphone ever released by Apple”. CEO, value phones camera, display, sound and battery life, not to mention the texture of the case material. The demand for new items is still greater than the supply, but Apple is working on achieving balance.

iPhone 7 Plus is considered the most serious competitor to the Galaxy Note 7. However, the market there is a shortage of models. Customers that have placed orders for the iPhone 7 Plus on the Apple website, received notification that they will have to wait for delivery of the smartphone to eight weeks, especially if they chose a new color scheme “black onyx”. Delay when getting the iPhone 7 Plus is an average of 4-5 weeks for a model Jet Black — 7-8 weeks, and this trend is not quenched.

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Apple noted that the demand for the new model exceeded the company’s expectations, so now she suffers from a lack of supplies. As a result, the company can be delivered to attract buyers who are looking for an alternative to the Galaxy Note 7. Even at the end of the next quarter it will be impossible to say how affected the sales of Apple, the situation with the failed flagship of Samsung — for this must go an entire fiscal year.

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