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Tim cook congratulated the Irish with St. Patrick’s Day

Apple CEO Tim cook has published in his Twitter congratulations to the St. Patrick’s Day. The most important Irish cultural and religious holiday celebrated annually on 17 March.

“I wish a happy St. Patrick’s Day friends everywhere and remember my great trip to Ireland about a year ago,” – wrote Tim cook. The CEO has applied to the post photos from your trip to Ireland.

St. Patrick’s day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated annually on the day of the death of the patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, who lived in 385-461 ad.

This day was declared a Christian holiday in the early seventeenth century and is celebrated by the Catholic Church, individual Protestant churches, especially the Church of Ireland because it symbolizes the acceptance of Christianity in this country. He is also a public holiday in Ireland and in certain provinces of Canada. The occasion is widely celebrated by the Irish Diaspora around the world.

In Russia, the St. Patrick’s Day is also popular and loved by many holiday, although it is not public and is not included in the official calendar of celebrations.

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