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Tim cook commented on the amount of pre-orders and difficulties with the supply of the iPhone X

During the announcement of the results of the 4th financial quarter of 2017 Tim cook said the supply of iPhone X. the Situation is improving. But to think ahead too early.

Apple’s CEO noted that the company managed to successfully overcome all the difficulties that iPhone X had to face in the beginning. The company reduces delivery time przekazanych smartphones and intends soon to close all applications. However, Tim cook has observed that it is not able to predict the future:

“The gap between the demand for the iPhone X and the amount of gadgets is rapidly declining. It is worth considering that the iPhone X is the toughest smartphone ever released by Apple. We are very pleased that we were able to significantly reduce delivery times, and are going to serve the maximum possible number of customers. However, I can’t exactly say when the balance will be reached and we will be able to satisfy the demand”.

Apple CEO not gave the exact statistics, but said that the results of the pre-orders of iPhone X very good:

“We didn’t go into details, what model and what are the channels sold better. But I want to announce that we have received many pre-orders both from private buyers and retailers around the world. We are very excited. While we present this report, Australia has already occurred the first sale.”

In 2017 you can buy several models of iPhone, the cost of which ranges from 349 to 1149 dollars. Tim cook explained how this variation in prices will affect sales while preparing for the holidays:

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“We had good success in selling different iPhone models. We tried to make smartphones as accessible as possible for those who want the iPhone, but has a limited budget. Apple released three new iPhone so that people could choose the model to your taste.

In 2017, we released the first smartphone three. And for the first time distinguished between the launch of sales at the time. Let’s see what happens. But we have tried to think hard about what might happen”.

Commenting on the cost of the new leader, Tim cook has traditionally have compared it to coffee:

“The day iPhone X will cost you less of a Cup of coffee in a nice coffee shop”.

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