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Tim cook called the biggest disappointment of 2016

“Tim cook uttered the word “fabulous” in every sentence, although nothing incredible was not”, — the biographer of Steve jobs, Walter Isaacson has otreagiroval premiere of the iPhone 5s in 2013. Then the writer noted that two years at the head of Apple, cook has done nothing his whole energy cook went to update products and to work on the image. In the end, the successor to jobs learned to conduct presentations of quality, but nevadalas products, journalists write Life.

It seemed that 2014 was a turning point: a new iPhone with a larger screen received good reviews in the press, and from demabrasion of smart hours Apple Watch journalists and all were delighted. Then came 2015, to secure success. Agree: exactly a year ago, it seemed that the phrase “When Steve Jobs was not like this” will soon go to the cemetery are out of date memes.

In reality everything turned out differently.

First, it is worth Recalling the triumphs of the cook in the past year. Successful projects were two. The first iPhone SE: a unique case when laziness and lack of imagination of the manufacturer is superimposed on the queries of the public. People wanted a compact and powerful the iPhone, and they got it — here Tim is by far the king.

The second is a decent device — wireless headphones AirPods. With all the obvious disadvantages (e.g., they should be charged; they’re also very easy to lose) new headset loved it so-called opinion leaders — people who test the gadgets before anyone else. They noted and convenient case, good sound, and intuitive. The cost and delay of supply taken out of the brackets: just fix what AirPods have a good chance of becoming a bestseller.

That’s about it. The list of achievements, cook was very short. The list of failures is much longer:

1. Problem with the iPhone 7 emerge almost every week. The 4.7-inch model was rejected by the communication module (suffered whole party), and 5.5-inch versions firmly off the main camera (the bug has surfaced only now, there’s no cure).

2. Apple watch not become the new iPhone in terms of demand. This sad fact should be considered personal debacle Tim cook because he was responsible for the development of the gadget. In theory, the Watch had to increase the interest in industry, wearable device, but this did not happen: analysts from IDC recorded a three-fold drop in sales of the device in 2016 in comparison with the previous year.

3. The new MacBook Pro received scathing criticism. He has a high price, a relatively weak battery, Touch Bar, unproductive, and generally not powerful enough “iron”. But the most unpleasant — the disappearance ports: Apple doomed users to purchase bulky adapters without them the laptop is not connected even the newest iPhone. Experts from Consumer Reports wouldn’t recommend the MacBook to buy.

4. The project for the production of your own car is closed. This news would not be tragic overtones, if self-driving car from Apple is not considered one of the most anticipated releases of the decade. In fact, in October 2016 Tim cook admitted defeat: 1,000 people were redeployed to other departments.

5. In the unit the development of the Mac – chaos. This information was voiced by mark Gurman, an insider from Bloomberg. The situation is this: Apple is entirely focused on the iPhone, and other units given a minimum of attention. For example, the MacBook Pro should have been released later, but with a good battery. On hearing this, cook rejected the idea further and crossed the start process, to do a presentation in 2016. in order to accelerate Tim was transferred to the development of MacBook employees of the Department to create a new Mac. Anonymous sources from Apple confirmed that such drills happen all the time. Because of this, the company has three years did not update Mac, and other updates (excluding iPhone) long lost its regularity.

The worst thing is that in 2016, Tim cook has been making too many exaggerated. In may, he announced that the iPhone 7 will feature, without which we literally “can not imagine the further life.” I wonder, what is it? The water resistance? Of course not. Portrait mode? Optical zoom?

In 2017 Apple will move into new high-tech headquarters. 13 thousand people will be working under one roof, so that the efficiency should considerably grow. Cook, given the strength of personnel of the company, there’s still plenty of chances to show themselves: in the spring slated to release a new iPad, and in autumn a new iPhone. But if the situation does not change, the time will soon pass: in order to lead Apple needs to be not only an entrepreneur but also an inventor.

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