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Tim cook called the 3D display Touch revolution and said that the iPad Pro can completely replace the computer

Tim cook called the function “live photos” Live Photos in the iPhone 6s brand-new type of digital content and said that the iPad Pro capable of replacing PC users. My opinion about the new products Apple CEO shared in an interview with the online publication BuzzFeed.

“I believe that Live Photos is the type of multimedia content, which did not exist before. It’s like opening a new form,” said cook. Apple CEO noted that delighted with the 3D Touch in the new iPhone and finds it extremely useful. “I think that 3D Touch game changer, said cook. My productivity has increased significantly with the 3D Touch, because now I can quickly view all of your email. The function allows to skip many steps.”

According to cook, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro could replace the personal computer. “I think some people will never buy a computer because we’ve reached the point when the iPad does everything that people want from their PCs,” said he. He, however, recovered, saying it does not mean the end of an era Mac. “It seems to me that there are people like me who will continue to use Mac computers will remain a part of their digital life, he explained. – I think that Mac will be a key part of the Apple business for many years and see the growth of Mac sales in the long term.”

Cook added that in the future, possibly, will appear the standard delete function applications with the company’s iOS operating system. The question of why users can’t uninstall the apps like “Stocks” and “Tips”, Tim cook said that “if the appearance of such a possibility will make users happy, it will be considered in the future.”

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