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Tim cook: automotive industry waiting for the “global change”

Rumors that the iPhone and iPad manufacturer is actively engaged in developing the car under the “Apple” brand, last year. To whet your interest in the project decided CEO Tim cook, who in an interview to the editor of the Wall Street Journal commented on the modern car market.

“I think the industry is at an inflection point for global change. And it’s not just evolutionary change”, — said the head of Apple. The Corporation of Cupertino in the short term, aims to give people the experience of the iPhone in the car. In this context, it was about a bunch of car platform CarPlay. But, according to Engadget, Apple’s plans are more ambitious.

According to Tim cook, the software is gaining an increasingly important role in the automotive industry. However, as electrification of transport, the refusal to focus on internal combustion engines.

Earlier The Wall Street Journal wrote, citing informed sources, that Apple is the first electric car to debut in 2019. In the summer representatives of the company allegedly met with officials from California, after which it was decided to accelerate the development of the “Apple Car”. In particular, the team of 600 people involved in the project under the working title Titan, was allowed to triple the number of employees.

Assume that the Apple car will run on electricity. In recent years, the company actively to entice the employees of Tesla, one of the leaders in the market of electric cars. Also, the iPhone maker hires experts in the field of self-driving cars. However, according to media reports, Apple is not the first electric car to be fully Autonomous.

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