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Tim cook assured that AirPods wireless headphones don’t fall out of your ears

Apple’s CEO Tim cook has assured that “AirPods no wires, namely, wire pulling the headphones down, and they fall”. He stated this in an interview with broadcaster ABC, a fragment of which was aired on Tuesday.

The head of the Corporation is confident that the new wireless on-ear headphones AirPods submitted by the company last week, will not fall out of the ears. They are securely held in the ear, said Tim cook.

“I wore them already for some time. I have never in all the time of use is not excluded,” – said the cook to the remark of the journalist that pointed out that, according to many users of Apple products, new devices are easy to lose. The CEO in this regard said that “AirPods no wires, namely, wire pulling the headphones down, and they fall”. He noted that even danced in the headphones and they are securely kept in the ears.

“All you have to do is open the box in which they are stored and they will automatically connect to your phone, iPad or whichever device,” assured cook. According to him, when the headphones are removed from the ear when playing music, it pauses automatically. “And when they return back, the music resumed,” – said the head of Apple. The full interview will be aired in the coming days.

Susie informed the OKH of MacWorld tested the AirPods on the presentation of Apple, wrote: “I only danced: I shook my head, moved it from side to side, waving hair, jumped into place. Then I probably looked pretty silly. However, AirPods and remained in my ears. Headphones do not fall out and sounded pretty loud. I almost could not make out the words of others, I am immersed in listening. Impressive.”

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Apple introduced the AirPods on a special press conference on 7 September. Then for the first time was shown the new generation smartphone iPhone 7. According to Apple representatives, without charge AirPods can work 5 hours, and with charging case – about 24 hours. According to the official website of the company, the sale of the headphones will start in October at the price of 12 990 rubles.

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