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Tim cook: Apple will not release an “iPhone for the poor”

A few days after the publication of the quarterly report, Apple CEO Tim cook held a private meeting on campus in Cupertino, where he shared his thoughts about the key products of the company. Despite the decreased demand on the tablets, cook remains confident and expects an increase this year. He stated that he is considering transferring to Android key Apple services and believes that for further growth the company needs a cheaper iPhone.

During his speech at the event at Town Hall Apple’s CEO tried to reassure employees in the next lower iPhone sales, which contribute the major part of the company’s revenues. The CEO pointed out that more and more users are switching from Android to iOS, and sell devices in emerging markets such as India, demonstrate stable growth. According to cook, Apple doesn’t need to release a cheaper iPhone to increase sales of smartphones.

Apple with the release of the next version of each iPhone by about $100 knocks the price tag with the previous model. However, even this in no way allows the company to take significant share in emerging markets. Some analysts speculated that the upcoming 4-inch iPhone 5se would be an attempt to reverse the situation through pictures. Supposedly it was going to be in the range from 400 to 500 dollars. However, the statement by Tim cook included in the counter this assumption: Apple’s standards are too high for such a price. A significant reduction would go against the ideology of the “Apple” of the company.

Presentation of new 4-inch iPhone 5se is expected on 15 March this year. The device should be replaced in the segment has lost the novelty of the iPhone 5s and is designed primarily for those users who prefer smartphones with screens smaller than 4.7 inches. The smartphone really can be cheaper than the flagship models, but to speak about “iPhone for the poor” is not necessary.

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Apple CEO said that during the festive season, the company sold “more than enough” iPhone – about 74.8 million devices. As cook put it, the number of sold last quarter and the iPhone is comparable to the population of new York, London, Beijing and Shanghai.

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