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Tim cook: Apple will continue to invest in China, despite the crisis in the economy

Apple is ready to continue to invest in China in the “perfect place” where high-tech giant is now “active as ever”. This was reported CRI, citing the statement by the head of the company Tim cook made in an exclusive interview to Xinhua.

Tim cook arrived in Beijing on October 21, starting my second this year tour to China. Here he will take part in the meeting of the Board of General Directors on sustainable urbanization, which will open Thursday in Beijing. The Council was established by the Chinese center for international economic exchange and the American Institute of Paulson.

“I know that some people worry about the state of the Chinese economy. We will continue to invest in China,” said Tim cook on Wednesday in an exclusive interview korr. the Xinhua news Agency. – When thinking about the long term, it is clear that China is the best place for doing business”.

This weekend Apple will open its twenty-fifth Apple store in China. Thus, the company is approaching its goal to increase by the middle of 2016 the total number of stores in China to 40. “When we reach this goal, we will not let go of the gas pedal,” added cook.

Tim cook’s visit coincides with the first Week of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in China, which was launched on 19 October in 8 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. In China, about 1.5 million people develop apps for iOS.

“Many Chinese opened their own business, as others start to hire people and export their products to millions of people, in some cases hundreds of millions of people, said cook. – They are the engines of the economy”.

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During his visit to China Tim cook met with a Chinese developer who heads the group of 11 people specialising in application development for wood construction “tongue and groove” of Chinese traditional architecture. Application already downloaded more than 800 000 users, they are interested in young people, it is actively used in lectures on art in the country and abroad.

Developer sun Yoon said that his company Tag Design has achieved profitability in three years since inception. According to Apple, the Chinese are in total 230 000 have developed applications for platforms iOS and had earned $4 billion, including $2 billion in 2014.

Last year, the number of developers paid iOS apps increased by 56%. Apple has created 4.4 million jobs in China, including 1.4 million associated with the development of applications.

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