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Tim cook: Apple pays more taxes than any other company in the world

Apple pays more taxes than any company in the world. About this CEO of the Corporation Tim cook said in an interview with the French newspaper Figaro. According to cook, Apple is not hiding income from authorities.

“We pay more taxes than any other company in the world. We do not hide income from taxation,” assured cook.

In August last year, the European Commission fined Apple €13 billion for using tax incentives in Ireland. In December Apple announced a decision to appeal the decision. “I understand why this question is causing this attention,” added cook.

In an interview with the Apple CEO discussed the steps that the company undertakes to transfer production to the United States. Tim cook said that in discussing this issue, many do not fully understand why the production is in one country or another.

“In these disputes factories often focus on where it needs to assemble the product. But if you open the device and look at its components, you will see that there are parts from all over the world. We have 4600 suppliers in Europe, on the continent we have already spent more than $11 billion,” cook said.

Apple’s revenue for the first quarter of the 2017 financial year grew by 3.3% in annual terms — up to $78,35 billion Manufacturer sold of 78.3 million iPhones compared to 74,78 million for the same period last year, sales of smartphones grew for the first time in several quarters — by 5.3%, to $54,38 billion.

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