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Tim cook: Apple has no plans to integrate Mac and iPad

When the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has not been officially released, the Network was rumored that Apple intends to equip its new tablet special operating system that will represent a mixture of iOS and OS X. For this course in Cupertino decided not and in a fresh interview Irish Tim cook explained why the company is going to merge desktop and mobile platforms.

As stated by the head of the Corporation resulting from such symbiosis hybrid would not be able to satisfy neither the MacBook nor the iPad. Therefore, Apple will not follow Microsoft and release a hybrid device, combining features of tablet and laptop. “We are sure that the buyers do not wish to use a hybrid of the Mac and iPad”, – he explained.

Experts in the field and have not especially believed, that Apple could merge iOS and OS X into one universal operating system, at least in the near future. For this you need how to pick the best moment and solve a lot of problems with the software, what to do in Apple’s now clearly not going to.

In an interview, cook emphasized that Apple sees no reason to merge iOS mobile platform with the desktop OS X. “We do not believe in a single operating system for PCs and for mobile devices. This affects both the field and no advantage” given to understand it.

In addition, Tim cook explained that after the release of iPad Pro users no longer need computers. He said that meant the computers on the Windows platform and not Mac. “We do not believe that Mac and PC are one and the same,” said Tim cook, adding that the Mac and iPad has a great future.

“We want to make the best tablet in the world and the best Mac. And the amalgamation of these products will not help in achieving this goal and will only lead to the fact that you have to compromise in different ways,” he said.

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