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Tim cook: Apple does not call for Pencil stylus, the pencil

On Monday, Apple has named the date of commencement of sales and cost of iPad Pro in Russia. 12.9-inch tablet was the first tablet of the company, which is additionally equipped with an input device in the form of an Apple stylus Pencil. In Apple, however, prefer not to call this device.

In an interview with The Independent the head of the Corporation Tim cook said that the Apple company has created a pen and pencil. Unlike analog Apple Pencil high response speed. The waiting time between the moment when the user started to draw and when the bar appeared on the screen, virtually no.

“Actually we created not the stylus, and the pencil (pencil). Conventional styluses are thick, they have a low response time, so you draw here, and the line appears somewhere at the back. With such devices you can’t draw, you need something that simulates the look and feel of a pencil. Otherwise, you will not be able to replace it. We are not trying to replace your finger touch, we added a pencil”.

iPad Pro knows when a person touches the display with your finger and once with a pencil. When working with Pencil Apple tablet picks up twice as many points than if a finger is touching, and the corresponding subsystem, it scans the signal with a frequency of 240 times per second.

Apple Pencil is hidden inside a complex system of sensors that measure the applied force with high accuracy. In particular, how much the tip of the Pencil exerts on the Apple display. The greater the force, the thicker the line. Two sensors calculate the exact direction and angle of the hands. When the user writes or draws, their relative position is determined by the Multi-Touch display. This makes it possible to achieve the effect of shading by tilting the Apple Pencil, as if in the hands of charcoal or a pencil.

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To a journalist’s question about the strategy of Apple, involving the release of an expensive iPad Pro, rather than the more affordable models, cook said that “to find a good tablet for 50 pounds impossible.” He believes that the 12.9-inch gadget will attract not only owners of Apple products and the iPad owners, but PC users.

In Russia the price for an iPad Pro would be 64 990 rubles for model with 32 GB memory with Wi-Fi and 86 990 rubles for a model with 128 GB supports Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. Apple Pencil will be sold at 7790 roubles.

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