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Tim cook and Charles Koch are in favor of immigration

Apple executives and production Corporation Koch Industries unite to defend against deportation of its employees, whose parents illegally immigrated to the United States. This publication reports the Washington Post.

Tim cook and Charles Koch launched a campaign “Dreamers”, aimed at protecting people with an immigrant background from mass deportation. At the end of 2017 in the United States is home to about 690 000 people who arrived in the country as illegal immigrants in the childhood together with parents. They are now under the protection of special protection. However, the U.S. Congress is set to consider the amendments allowing mass deportation of this population. Cook and Koch opposed to the intentions of the “dreamers” work in Apple, and Koch Industries, and account for a large proportion of employees.

“We have to fight. For the United States of America would be better if all people will be free and be able to follow their dreams. Welcome people from all over the world who seek to improve their lives and the lives of their families, regardless of their origin — always has been and remains key to the success of our country. Is the differences help us to learn from each other, to challenge habitual ways of thinking and find innovative solutions that benefit all of society,” said Tim cook and Charles Koch in an interview with the Washington Post.

Earlier in the year 2017, speaking to employees, Apple CEO promised to take all possible measures to protect employees in the Corporation of people with an immigrant background from deportation.

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