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Tim cook: after the release of iPhone 7 Android users switched to iOS at a record pace

Apple, which this week reported on the results of the last quarter, at such events often mentions the users decided to switch platforms. So this time Tim cook from such statements could not refrain: he said that in the past reporting period the number of defectors has reached a new record level. However, concrete figures he did not name.

The number of users to abandon Android in favor of iPhone has reached the maximum value quarterly to measure. The same applies to users who upgraded their iPhone model to the latest version.

“If you look at the absolute value of the user who updated the iPhone, it was the biggest among all previous quarters. With regard to the number of defectors [approx. from Android to iOS], it was also the largest for all history of measurements,” – said the head of Apple.

The pace of transition users of Apple gadgets iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, however, was comparable with the dynamics of the transition to the iPhone 6 since the presence of pent-up demand for smartphones with big screen, as explained by cook, provided smartphones sixth generation phenomenal popularity among supporters of the brand.

On a quarterly report conference Apple CEO and CFO of the company simultaneously noted that last quarter was the most successful for smartphone categories: “Plus”, which is in the range of offerings of the brand appeared not so long ago. Only by the end of January, Apple managed to overcome the shortage of iPhone 7 Plus, and its popularity even contributed to the increase in the average selling price of smartphone from $619 to $695.

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