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Tim cook about the requirements to install “bugs” on the iPhone: privacy is a fundamental right of every person

Apple cannot crack the latest version of iOS, because it has implemented a mechanism to encrypt iPhone data, even though theoretically the company could assist the police to obtain user data. This theme emerged after a judge in the US has asked Apple to assist in the investigation. The Ministry of justice is trying to compel the company to provide assistance to the prosecutors and to gather information from a seized iPhone. However, Apple’s decision is unwavering: if you get the “good guys”, the same opportunity will be available for intruders.

According to the head of Apple Tim cook, the company is not interested in spying on their customers. In a recent interview with journalists from the National Public Radio cook also explained the company’s policy in the issue of security in General and national security in particular.

“We know that you buy in the App Store, and I think our clients like it that way. Many even ask us to recommend an application. But what buyers really don’t want is reading their email, keyword collection and use of this information to promote products in a variety of applications,” said cook.

Apple privacy policy also applies to matters concerning national security. In particular, we are talking about the NSA requirement for manufacturers to install “bugs” in their products. The problem is that, if access to the software will receive the “good guys”, the same opportunity will be available for intruders, says cook.

Apple’s CEO noted that from time to time the company receives requests for information from law enforcement agencies. In the case of an appropriate court order, the company transfers the available data. However, the caveat is that Apple encrypts all information users of the iPhone, however, it is not sent to the company servers, but remains on the devices.

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“Our view is based on morality and not on commercial gain. We believe that people have a right to privacy. Our customers are not products, and we are not interested in data collection and knowledge of details about the daily lives of people. It’s just not our method”, – said the head of Apple.

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