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Till death do us part: an American married to your iPhone [video]

Many Las Vegas is synonymous with casino and crazy marriage ceremonies. There, under the crown you can at least the crocodile, though the Burger story, and nobody will look accusingly.

As it became known, in Vegas next not the usual wedding – American combined knot with his iPhone. But this was done not for the sake of laughter, but with an important message – to draw public attention to the fact that modern people are too dependent on their gadgets, oblivious to the existence of real life.

American held a marriage ceremony with a smartphone in a sign that people much emphasis on the virtual world. Although I must enjoy the company of each other and truly love.

“Looking at the truth we must acknowledge that we depend on our phones on many emotional levels. We are searching for the satisfaction, joy and it can replace meaningful relationships. People carry with them 24 hours a day. They sleep with their smartphones, they Wake up with smartphones. Yes, in a sense, we share the longest relationship,” says Aaron Chervenak.

Unusual wedding attracted worldwide media attention. In turn, Aaron hopes that his act will cause someone to think about their behavior.

Video “unorthodox ceremony” shot Cervenka, serves as a “symbolic gesture” of love society to gadgets.

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