TikTok, Viber and a dozen more applications copy your data every time you start

According to a study by Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk, some iOS applications request access to the clipboard every time they start without user permission, and then copy the data. Where they are sent further is unknown.

And most often, the clipboard contains useless information, but there are also passwords from social networks and banking applications, authorization codes, card numbers and passport data, addresses with names and so on.

TikTok, Viber and a dozen more applications copy your data every time you startSource: Mysk

If you use a universal clipboard with your Mac, then applications also get access to everything copied on it.

What applications copy data?

The list is quite large, here are some applications and games:

PUBG Mobile;
Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
Fruit Ninja;
Russia Today and others.

A full list of applications is available in the analysis of the vulnerability found. No comments have been received from companies yet. My advice to you: before clarifying the situation, do not run “dangerous” applications, but rather remove them altogether.

If they are vital for you, then install one of the clipboard with the widget available in the App Store and try to check what you have copied before launching the same Viber or TikTok.

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