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Ticket to Earth – all the genres at once

The main difference of mobile games from their counterparts in the older platforms, in a little frame for your fit really big ideas. When was the last time you were surprised, holding a gamepad? Probably ten years ago. With phones easier – due to more modest budgets and development time, remains to maneuver to some breakthroughs; something original and distinctive. The authors of today’s game, this maneuver was used on the full – meet the mix of strategy, RPG and match-3.

But before that – comic the plot in the spirit of cosmic horror: planet of the colonists went bankrupt, and soon all life support systems are disabled. The crowd remaining workers of the mining complex is abandoned to their fate: they somehow will themselves decide who will get a ticket to the only rescue ship. A Ticket to Earth, but you will not see that how the matter – are available only in the first Chapter; the rest will be released later. But it is already clear that the action in the game is twisted sickly – everywhere scattered guesses about the plot, and themselves the conditions in which many people are doomed to death, – you will agree, is intriguing.

Which is doubly strange, because the Ticket to Earth – only the draft of the gameplay; the script could have been written in one paragraph, and no word be said. The whole game revolves around conditional turn-based battles – something like the battles of the Transistor, but without the long walks between Zaruba. On split squares on the map appears to your character and enemies are; you take turns handing each other a beating.

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The caveat is that, um, the direction of action ask not you, but those are the squares, which depict things. For example, if you go over the strip of hearts, you will raise the level of health. If “compressed fist” accordingly, someone good will get on the cap. Don’t be fooled, the victory does not depend on your luck or skill to distinguish image “brain” from “pupil” will have to develop a full – fledged battle strategy, and the mechanics of match-3 just for fun and, I think, the desire of developers to stand out.

Because you have to consider not only your enemy steps, but also the deformation field is “eaten” elements safely go beyond the screen and in their place grow new ones – and ruining all your plans. So it is only a casual presence is in fact only complicates the game; an unusual, but fresh variable. Parallel to you, as in all strategic games, rocking his hero – his basket for future characteristics will be constantly updated, and character to become stronger. And here is the trap: if you take all the points on meaningless stuff, which never will learn how to use, you’ll be in big trouble.

Is Ticket to Earth nearly 300 rubles, but this price is for the impatient – the game has a “launch discount” of 40%, and if you liked the project, then do not hesitate. By the way, to pay for the rest of the issues (you do not forget that the game is an episodic?) not necessary – all included in the price.

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