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Thync wearable device capable of controlling mood through brain stimulation

Engineers Thync Labs offer to fight fatigue with anxiety or feelings, using “smart” gadget that sends micro-electric impulses to the brain of the user. To control a futuristic gadget, the user will need iPhone and mobile app.

American company Thync Labs presented an unusual gadget that can add to the list of suggestions from the therapist. The developers promise that it can improve in just a few minutes to change your health for the better. For example, to awake early in the morning or Vice versa to help relax after a busy day.

Accessory triangular shape easily mounted on the head and gives the brain micro-electric pulses (proprietary Neurosignaling), affecting your mood. In the settings you can select the desired effect: Calm mode will allow you to feel relaxed, will help to calm down and overcome feelings of anxiety, to relax before bedtime.

And the mode of Energy will replace a Cup of coffee or tea, raising you to the peak level of performance — even for work, though, to improve the effectiveness of athletic training, though to relax after a stormy working day.

Thync has Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 BTLE, battery and microUSB port. Full battery charge will last for 60 minutes of operation of the device, while, according to the developers, to achieve the effect may take 5 minutes. Weighs 17 G. Thync

While Thync only works with iOS devices – iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. Version of the app for Android is in development.

The first deliveries of new items will begin in the current month, and massively Thync will be available in October. The cost of new items is $ 300.

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