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Threema secure messenger got a desktop version

Threema messenger got a desktop version with which service can be used on a desktop computer. Like the mobile version, the web client Threema provides a high level of data protection and restricts any non-critical scenarios of interaction with data.

According to the developers, instead of using the server to synchronize messages, Threema establishes a direct, encrypted connection between the browser and the mobile device using the Protocol SaltyRTC. Thus, messages can be synchronized without the need for server processing. If the browser and the mobile device connected to the same network, then the data will not leave its limits.

Unlike other services, desktop version Threema significantly reduces the digital footprint and drives metadata creation to a minimum. After the session, the synchronized messages are deleted from the computer.

The web client Threema is compatible with Chromium browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) as well as Mozilla Firefox. The connection browser and mobile device is done by scanning a QR code. After that, all chat rooms are fully accessible on the user’s computer.

The interface of the desktop version Threema is identical to the mobile version. Sending and receiving of messages occurs in the same way as on a mobile device, and images and files can be dragged directly into the chat window to send them.

Currently, the web client is available Threema for Android-Threema version. Support for iOS will be added soon.

Messenger Threema is one of the most secured services, since it performs end-to-end encryption of all data exchanged between the user, be it messages, group chats, multimedia files and even “status”. Encryption keys are generated and stored in protected folders on the users ‘ devices, eliminating the possibility of secret data access or copy them.

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Download Threema on the official website of the developers via this link.

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