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Three ways to quickly convert your iPhone in a power saving mode

The power save mode appeared on the iPhone with the release of iOS 9. Thanks to him, the device can receive up to an additional three hours of work without recharging. Such an important and useful function should be always at hand, so we offer three ways you can quickly activate the power saving mode.

In power saving mode, the device lowers the frequency of the CPU, disable background data download in applications, automatic updates, and some visual effects. The conventional method of activation function provides for the transition through menus iOS. Option battery saver is in Settings -> Battery. MacDigger offers to consider ways to accelerate this process.

With Siri

One of the fastest ways to activate energy saving on the iPhone. You can ask Siri. Invoke the voice assistant by a long press of the Home button and give it the appropriate command. If you have enabled “Hey Siri!”, then things are even simpler: get a voice assistant and say “Turn on the saving mode”. In this case, you don’t even have to pick up the device.

The switch in control centre

Users of jailbroken devices can use the tweak CCSettings. The switch of the power-down mode can be placed in the control room.

The Application Workflow

Developer Graham Spencer has created an easy Workflow for the widget that shows the current battery level, asks the user to incorporate power saving mode and opens menu section of the Battery, where the desired function is activated with one touch.

The application Workflow is available in the App Store for 229 rubles. After installation, run the program, check out its features and if you want to configure workflows. To start any of the processes created within the app by using double tap.

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A faster way to activate this or another scenario involves the use of a Workflow widget in notification Center. The user needs to open the Today tab, go to the bottom of the list and click the Edit button to add the app widget. Now you can just touch the icon of power saving mode in the widget and click OK. This will open a section in the menu the Battery.

Now you are familiar with three ways to quickly enable power-down on the iPhone. The preferred course is to call Siri, but tweak and app Workflow is useful for those who prefer not to use voice assistant Apple.

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