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Three reasons to wait for a new 4-inch iPhone 6c

It’s no secret that Apple is preparing to announce new smartphone with 4-inch screen iPhone 6c. Informed sources claim that contract manufacturer Foxconn, which is one of the key partners of the company, will start production of the device in January 2016. Users considering buying an iPhone, there are three reasons to expect the device.


Despite the fact that Apple demonstrates ostentatious disregard for the specifications of mobile devices, RAM is the key parameter which determines the perception of any device. IPhone with 1 GB of RAM, meaning the last three generations of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s, are well aware of the endless reloading of Safari tabs, re-start an application when you call the Panel multitasking, “departures” in the games.

Work with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with 2 GB of RAM, much more comfortable: on the communicators last year, each tab in the browser is almost always loaded on new, while more memory can allow pages to open instantly. The same applies to multitasking: iPhone with 2 GB of RAM already running earlier applications open at once.

The iPhone 6c will be 2 GB of RAM. Moreover, instead of LPDDR3 memory will be used faster memory LPDDR4.

Great battery life

According to sources, iPhone 6c, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be based on energy-efficient chip Apple A9, and Autonomous operation it will provide battery capacity mAh 1642. For comparison, the iPhone 5s, which will come the new product uses a battery capacity of 1570 mAh.

New 4-inch device will offer a better autonomy at the expense of using more economical chip and a Retina screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels resolution and more capacious battery.

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In the current realities to speak about the mass demand for the flagship iPhone 6s in Russia. iPhone 6c price 500-600 will become a more attractive solution. For 500-600 dollars users will have compact phone with a modern design and advanced features.

New 4-inch iPhone will be offered in silver, gold and grey colors.

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