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Three of Apple’s supplier fully switching to renewable sources of energy

As you know, Greenpeace has awarded Apple the title of the most “green” company in the world. In the near future, Apple will completely switch to renewable energy sources and to follow his example, and suppliers of U.S. corporations.

Apple has stated that by the end of 2018, three of its Chinese partner will fully switch to renewable energy sources in the production of components for the iPhone. We are talking about the companies Compal Electronics, Sunwoda Electronic and Biel Crystal Manufactory. In his letter to the Xinhua news Agency Vice President of Apple’s environmental Director Lisa Jackson noted that “in light of the ongoing efforts of the company in the field of renewable energy sources, we are very pleased to work side by side with Chinese partners to promote the green future of China.”

To fulfill declared promises, Сompal responsible for assembling Apple devices, equip the roofs of their factories in Nanjing and Kunshan with an area of 224 000 sqm of solar panels with a total capacity of 12.6 MW.

The accumulator supplier Sunwoda Electronics built solar power capacity of 50 megawatts in Henan province. This station will generate more clean electricity than required the company to produce batteries for Apple. Biel Crystal Manufactory – glass supplier from Huizhou, receives 50% of the energy from the wind and sun. The company promises to increase this figure to 100% by 2018.

Has also been named four suppliers, which in future plan to use clean energy: Lens Technology, Solvay Specialty Polymers, Catcher Technology and Ibiden. According to Bloomberg, today 96% of the energy Apple takes from renewable sources, in 26 countries division of the company was entirely on such sources.

In recent years Apple has made great efforts to reduce the negative impact of its activities and production on the environment. According to the statement of Lisa Jackson, energy 96% belonging to the corporations facilities, including office buildings, shopping centres and the collection and processing of data is carried out by renewable energy sources. The company will also continue to plant trees and protect forests growing all over the world to meet its growing demand for wrapping paper.

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